What Camera do you use? 

I have tried a lot of Cameras in different situations and never been as pleased as I am with the gopro. The gopro camera doesn’t only takes great videos but also great pictures. But the gopro is not just a camera for vacation and to take action shots with, it’s also a great camera to use when you do your own lecture videos, to your flip-classes. I don’t just use it to record my lectures but also as a document camera. However the sound quality on the internal mic is not the best, therefore I would recommend to get an external mic like edutige mic. I have been using it for I while now and it works very well. 


Powtoon, Fun and easy program for flipclass

Sometimes when you use the flipped classroom it can feels a bit heavy and difficult to make videos that inspires and are fun, specially when your going to show something like conjugate verbs. With Powtoon It’s easy and fun to make videos and it’s fun to look at.
down below you can see a video that I made for grade 7 in Spanish class. it’s its in Swedish but you will see the idea.

Please let me know what you think