Apple iPad Nearly Dominated The Global Education Industry Tablet Market

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Belkin tablet stand

It’s finally here.


I would really recommend you to try this out. Its a very great tool that opens many doors not only in the flipped classroom but also in the regular classroom.

I will probably post I video about how I use it but until then watch this one to get an idea how powerful it can be.

Belkin tablet stand video

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Spreading the word about The flipped classroom at my school

Lately I have been working a lot with my spanish classes and the flipped classroom. I have now also started a project in my school that hopefully will spread the word about the flipped classroom. The project is about recording flip-movies together with other teachers in other subject in order to make them more interested in this method.

Down here you can take part of one of these videos I have recorded together with a Science teacher that is talking about Parallel and series circles.

Parallel and Series

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